Rep. Juhnke will continue to be a strong voice
for the citizens of Kandiyohi County.
Over the past years, Al has carried your message to the State Capitol in St. Paul. He will continue his advocacy for the West Central Minnesota area during the next legislative session. The issues that are important to you and your families are the issues that concern Al and his family, also.
Rep. Juhnke Supports:
*  Good roads, bridges, and transit for Rural Minnesota.
*  Fair and equitable funding for our schools.
*  A strong agricultural and renewable energy economy.
*  Safe streets.
*  Good livable wages for all citizens.
*  Promotion of a growing rural business climate.
*  Affordable health care and prescription drugs for all.
Rep. Al Juhnke Believes in....
"Equal opportunity for all and special privilege for none."
Rep. Juhnke was proud to help host the House of Representatives Mini-Session in the Fall of 1997 in Kandiyohi County.

This important event reminded Twin City Legislators that we have the right to be rural. Al believes rural residents should enjoy the same opportunities and services as people in the metro area.

He feels that if you live in Rural Minnesota you should not have to sacrifice opportunity, income, or your child's education. We all have the "Right To Be Rural" and this message is carried with Rep. Juhnke to the Capitol each and every day that he is there.

Rep. Juhnke will continue to be a stong voice for West Central Minnesota residents. His knowledge and experience in St. Paul means strong representation for Kandiyohi County citizens now and in the future.
Rep. Juhnke questions a witness during a committee hearing.
"Al Believes All Rural Residents are Important."
Prepared and Paid for by Citizens to Elect Al Juhnke